Render in place very slow

Thanks Steinberg for including (at last) some sort of bounce in place. What I like is to be able to render multiple tracks at a time.

But it takes forever to render the tracks, am I the only one having this issue? It’s way faster to freeze the track or use the export audio mixdown dialog. And the export audio mixdown still reimports the tracks at the bottom of the project window by the way (please steinberg change that behaviour once for all and reimport the track after selected track).

Also the options are handy but it would be great to have the routing and FX send copied to the rendered tracks.

This render in place needs to be optimized.

You are right, it is slow indeed… but all your other request are already implemented, it is very mature, just read the manual.

Thanks for your answer. I was talking about having the routing of the vst track copied to the rendered track. For example, I render a “hi hat” track routed to the group “Drums”. The rendered file will now be routed to the Stereo Out, and I will need to reset the output of the track to the group “drums”. I would like to have the rendered track routed automatically to the group “Drums”.

Same with the sends, I was not talking about printing the effect with the rendered track, but having the rendered track copying the send setting from the original VST track, ie the hit hat track is sent to a reverb, having the rendered track sent to the same reverb with the same send level.

Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, my main concern is the slowlyness of render in place, I hope they will fix the speed of it pretty soon. Otherwise it’s going to be very time consuming to use.