Render in Place vs. Freezing a track


I did not really understand the difference between “rendering in place”
and “freezing” a VSTi-track.

What are the advantages of the one compared to the other?

There’s no advantage: they’re just different.

Freeze is to temporarily regain some CPU by taking the VSTi offline. You can’t edit anything while frozen.

Render In Place (RIP) keeps the VSTi online (if you want), and makes a real, new audio track, which is editable.
You can choose to print any inserts and send FX to (or not).
The VSTi can remain as it was, to continue playing with it, if you want.

RIP also works on normal audio channels.

when you render in place, you end up with an audio track/event you can edit, move, cut, paste, drag’n drop to a sampler…

When you freeze the track you can do nothing with it, only add inserts and sends.

One of the advantages of freezing is the project stays clean with only one track, you don’t have several duplicated tracks cluttering the window. The other advantage is that it’s faster than rendering the track (at least on my system).