Render in place VSTi with more midi ins

Hi, let me introduce the situation:
For symphonic arrangements I use one instrument channel per one instrument and it works fine. Woods, brass, percussion, all those are capable of handling all I need in one midi channel. Rendering in place is then walking a park, just select all the channels and hit Render in place, the whole orchestra renders in one go. But the strings.
I’m using Hollywood Strings. They need multiple midi channels per instrument for different articulations. So I load up the instrument channels and route midi channels to them.

But now I want to render them. If I do it all together in one go, it will render the articulations separately. But I want it to render the whole instrument channel as it is, with all the midi data going to it. Is there a way, or I need to go through all the trouble of selecting just one instrument, mix it into one file, type in the name and do it again another 4 times? This way only work with channel settings, if I want to render them dry, seems like I’m out of luck.
All I’m asking is if it’s possible to render the instrument channel DRY as a whole thing with multiple midi channels in it to one stereo track.

I think in this specific situation you’d be better off if you Exported the String’s Audio, say from a Group Channel, and then Imported that back into the Project. You could create a Preset in the Export dialog to facilitate doing this.