Render in place. What is wrong with it?

Am I doing something wrong? Logic does bounce in place almost instantly and fast and for the most part never crashing. In Nuendo, it seems like it has to think for a good 10 - 15 seconds, and then a very slow render process “sometimes” happens, and “sometimes” it freezes up Nuendo, and I have to force kill program. Its a big of a workflow killer. Is it smooth and useable for other people? and I mean in context of working on a larger projects. not just popping in a few midi notes on a plugin for 1 bar. Appreciate any feedback for how others are getting along with it.

Im on Windows 10, 1900 and Nuendo 10.2 something using DANTE with AIC128.

Yeah, I agree with you that Nuendo’s RIP-function is somewhat complicated compared to ProTools and Logic, especially when rendering MIDI-clips.
Though; it never creates a freeze on my system nor a “slow render”, it always works “as expected”.

I know it doesn’t solve your issue, but a workaround may come in handy?
As a workaround, to avoid RIP on my system, I created 3 “render grouptracks”; a mono, a stereo and a 5.1-grouptrack. When I need to render a (midi-)clip, I send the output of this (midi-)source-track to 1 of those render-grouptracks and then create a (mono,stereo or 5.1) audiotrack which records the output of this render-grouptrack…it’s more complicated than using Nuendo’s (complicated) RIP-feature, but at least it returns the results I want to see…

In my opinion there are quite some features in Nuendo which were introduced but never maintained or kept-up-to-date…I think RIP needs some TLC by Steinberg to bring it to the level where we (as Nuendo users) could flawlessly use it without asking ourselves; “why does it return 2 empty stereo audiotracks while I’m rendering 1 midi-clip from a mono source” ?? etcetera… :frowning:

Niek/ Amsterdam

thanks, thats a good idea , at the least as a backup way of getting it done if RIP is being troublesome.

Steinberg, please have a look at whatever Logic is doing to achieve such lightning fast and reliable RIP functions and please think about giving this feature some attention, its an incredibly valuable tool when dealing with massive projects with thousands of tracks and trying to manage and consolidate things.


I agree that render-in-place and offline-processing are cumbersome in Nuendo at the moment. Still I would hesitate to call any function in Logic “reliable”. :laughing: The concepts might be worth looking at, though.

I like RIP a lot.
Especially Render Export, great timesaver. No problem here.
Rendering a bit faster would be welcome.
And I would like to have a “threshold to zero” option, in case of adding reverbs and delays.
And a checkbox “render mono if track mono” and vise versa “in stereo”

Here´s a nice tip - selection tool (F2) with multiple tracks. result:

I have just started having a massive problem with RIP. After I render I get a massive feedback loop. Full on sound from the 5.1 outputs, stereo and reverb channel. It goes when I get rid of the new track that is created to house the new render. Anyone else getting this problem or as usual am I the only person the world!