Render in place - why not for hardware synth midi?

Would be nice to right click and chose from a list of audio inputs for rendering of midi tracks, which are connected to hardware synths.

No way possible with external synths/midi, its realtime only. Think about it, the midi used on a VST instrument is actually going to trigger the audio of the VST instrument which is set to output its audio to the main buss and its already inside of Cubase. Your asking Cubase to render an audio stream that is being triggered from an external audio source. Cubase needs to PLAY that midi data then trigger a synth engine from it. With a VSTi its already there to trigger and make an audio stream from that, with hardware synths its outside the Cubase environment.

It’s certainly possible because other hosts do it, it’s just offline, not faster than realtime obviously because it’s hardware. The audio coming from the hardware synth is in the daw environment like any other audio stream.

They’ll probably add it at some point. Actually, try it. It might already work. Fire “render” on a midi track feeding a hardware synth and see if anything happens. I would think it would have to be using a Cubase external instrument thingy.

Of course just realtime.

But that would still be faster than setting up an additional audiotrack, place settings in inspector there, jump to markers and render midi to audio the classical way.

@Audiocave: tried that first before posting :wink: Doesn’t seem to work so far.

It only could work if the synths output (or corresponding audio inputs) would be known to Cubase. You could be sending the playing MIDI data to any unknown external destination. But ofcourse, this could be added in the same dialog where currently channel data to be rendered is entered.

Yes, that’s why I wrote “from a list of audio inputs” (=vst connections) above: could just be part of the right mouse click settings.

That’s why i mentioned “External Instruments” where Cubase would already know where the audio return channel is.

Anyway, sounds like an FR for 8.5.

Absolutely +1 on that

This actually works fine when you use a properly setup external instrument. I just mixed down some MS20 Mini riffs with no issues.

It should be included. It would be really nice if you want a lot of different patches from one synth.

it is included , you just forgot to route properly your external instruments CubeDAW :slight_smile:

i cant get my Yamaha MOXF to be rendered in place.
i get only blank audio event on time line.
i tried with the MOXF editor(i tried Both UR44 as sound card and MOXF as sound card), couldnt figure how to route to audio inside cubase to record it with BIP.
also tried to BIP without the MOXF editor, i created external instrument, with returning audio to it from the relevant input,created midi device with the midi ch used,then i load it to rack (F11) assign it to the midi tracks,but still nothing !
probably i miss something cuz i see users here say its possible :open_mouth:

If someone using MOFX/Motif fx editor inside cubase as vst, is it also possible to BIP with that ?

Edit: Oops just notice this post was in FR section… ill copy it to general

I use the MOXF editor and RIP works fine,.
Well, once I figured out how to setup the MOXF editor to use the internal sound card, and Cubase my main sound card. Not really described anywhere, but a few hours trial and error and I got it to work.

hoo yeah i could do it now with MOXF as the sound card… :wink:
but is it possible to RIP with its analog output through other sound card (avoiding switching Asio drivers )
i could only RIP one track as External instrument with instrument track… regular midi tracks won’t render, it ignores it.

anyway its a nice to have