Render In Place With Midi Drums

Hello all,

Is there any way to get render in place to work with midi drums? In particular Geist 1 ? I have them all subbed out to seperate midi outs (kick snare hihat etc) and when i render in place (channel settings only) it just renders all the midi outs rather than the actual signal so i just end up with a load of empty tracks labelled kick 1 kick 2 snare 1 snare 2 etc.

Anyone know?

Cheers W


If you use an Instrument with multiple outs, then all active outputs are always rendered.

Thanks Martin, i don’t actually mind it rendering the seperate outs except it’s not actually rendering anything so i just get blank audio channels for each drum part.

Make sure that there’s an actual midi “part” on the intitial/midi track of Geist, even if it’s empty (i.e., when you’re using Geist’s internal sequencer) - Cubase can’t render if there’s nothing on the midi track of an instrument.

Render in Place will render all ‘active’ audio ports of a vst even if they are muted or don’t receive any data. (On those you then get a silent audio file). So make sure you not only have them output on separate midi channels but you also have them routed to separate audio channels within Geist and deactivate all audio ports you don’t actively use at this point.