RENDER IN PLACE - - Without FADER level

A great thing about rendering in place is committing to a sound, but when doing so some aren’t always ready to commit to a overall level. It would be great to have the fader be optional and its setting transfered rather than rendered.


I’m sure I’ve voted elsewhere for this too… I hope I have, cos it needs adding… :wink:

Would make life easier… work around right now is to bypass volume automation (or if a set and forget level, place a single automation point and then bypass vol l. Auto.), then reset fader to 0, render track which creates a new track and placed a the render on it… you then have to re-nable the former track, delete the plugins, and delete/‘new track version’ the former unrendered region and drag and drop the new rendered region in the old ones place. And then reanable the volume automation.

Doing this to one or two tracks is okay… but 10-100…

It would also be great to render tracks with a variability of choice on which inserts are rendered, ie, from insert 1 (would always have to be from insert 1, ie only in succession from insert 1) to say, insert 4. Those inserts are deleted after render and then inserts 5 to 8 are left.


option pre or post fader

  • WITHOUT fader
  • WITHOUT pan!
  • Threshold Fade Out (Reverbs etc.!)
    and I would like to have a
    Mono/Stereo selection! (simple radio button e.g.)