Render in Question


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So i also responded to the render in place crash. Last night during a session, it worked for me.
My question is, can it be reversed or undone ? I’d like to add to that midi file, but cant. Seems like the midi events are dead. If i delete the rendered file, still no sound from the midi file. It’s grayed out It seems like you can still edit the file.

What am I missing ?

Thanks for any assistance .

Right click the track and select Enable Track.

[quote=“Grim”]Right click the track and select Enable Track.

Thanks Grim, I was able to dissolve part, and get it back. Before i did that i did right click the track and it only gives the option to disable track so i’m thinking the track is still enabled.

Thanks again for your response.

It’s muted, use the X pointer and click on the part.