render in real time

Tell me, is it possible to make render in real time???

AFAIK, the only way to force realtime render is to insert the External Gear plugin in the Master Section. You’d have to physically loop the dig out to the dig in. Even then, I’ve never found a way to monitor what’s going on correctly (which I would guess is what you want to do). Even with multichannel interfaces, I couldn’t find a way. I believe the manual says you can’t monitor renders when the Ext Gear plugin is in.

You can record what’s played back to a new complete file, but if you want individual track renders while monitoring, I don’t think you can do it.

Thank you very much

There probably is a way. Although I don’t use WaveLab this way anymore, my Tascam DM3200’s ASIO driver allows me to play my mix from Cubase while simultaneously capturing it into WaveLab. If yours works the same way then I am pretty sure you could route (via IN/OUT preference settings) the playback of a WaveLab session into Cubase and record it as a stereo track. That would equate to “rendering in realtime” or what I would call “mastering in realtime”. Now that I am thinking…it definitely can be done without connecting physical wires…at least with my setup it definitely can.

I am going to try tonight and post my results. That would mean not only would I be capturing my mix in real-time…but I would now be mastering in real-time…interesting.

I wonder if I can use 2 different versions of Wavelab simultaneously in the same way I can use Cubase and WaveLab simultaneously to capture my live master?

EDIT: Dumb ass I am… an easier way for me is to capture a live WaveLab session is by using my DA-3000 mastering recorder which is already connected digitally within my setup.

Cmaffia, not sure what the OP’s setup is, or if they meant specifically the Render function, but I was taking it as that (specifically master section Render function). But I was probably unclear about the realtime Record alternative. If everything is ITB, you can capture back to Wavelab in realtime with monitor without changing any routing, by using the pulldown “Record what is played back” in the Record dialog. Start “record” and then start playback of your ITB master montage or audio file. It will capture the whole master chain as you hear it in realtime to a new mastered file.

So yes, in that respect you can “render” in realtime with monitor all within one instance of Wavelab. If that is all the OP needs to do, then yes definitely can be done within Wavelab.

Just without all the options of the MS Render function specifically (render to individual song files in one shot, render to image, etc.).

Forgot the “record what is played” feature as well! Thanks for the reminder.