Render Live Input Into Existing File

I’m trying to open a file within a pre-determined file structure, record a sound with live input fx (using Live Input Rendering), then save the changed file back into it’s original location. My problem is that, when rendering using Live Input Rendering, Wavelab insists on creating a new file and I have to copy and paste the waveform into the original file and save.

Has anyone found a work around for this? Could this be solved by writing a script?

You can’t render/overwrite a file that is already opened in WaveLab. I think this is what you tried to so?

Yep that’s what I’m trying to do. I would like to render live input fx (distortion, reverb, etc) into an existing file in the same way that Wavelab allows you to “Render In Place.” It’s just strange to me that you have the option to “Render In Place” but not “Render Live Input In Place.”

Is this worth learning to script for? Would writing a Wavelab script to copy a Live Input Render file into the file preceding it in the file folder be possible?

Why it this insert function so important for you? Is it something you do often?

The standard Record dialog offsets an insert function, FYI.

Thanks so much for your responses. Yes this is something that needs to be done a few thousand times by relatively untrained recordists. It’s sounds kind of ridiculous, but I’m trying to set up fail safes for untrained sound recordists (and untrained talent) to make recordings on their own. One of these fail safes would be recording live input fx with a plugin similar to Waves VocalRider to ensure levels consistency. These files need to be opened within a file structure then saved back into that same location many many times.

Did you consider recording on montage tracks?