Render Midi to Audio / Export Midi

Hi Guys,

So I’ve been looking for days for a solution to this. (Sorry if I don’t make any sense)

Basically, I have an external synth (korg pa4x). I’ve connected it to Cubase successfully and can now use it as a track or rack instrument. I can record midi from the external synth. I’ve recorded a midi song and and have dissolved it into separate midi tracks (Bass, Guitar, Drums, etc), which is great!!
My issue is trying to get those separate midi tracks to separate audio tracks ! I can’t render in place, I’ve been trying to RIP for the past 3 days and no joy. My only option is to export each individual midi track to audio track, which is very time consuming as I have 16 midi tracks.

How can I RIP midi tracks or at least export each individual midi track in one go??

I’m using Cubase 10.5 Pro.

Thanks guys

Hi alex,

Have you watched this video:

I’ve korg pa4x too, Render In Place works as well if i add it as external instrument in audio connections /external instruments.


Thanks for your response!
Yep, watched that and done what the guy in the video said.
Funny thing is that when I try to record midi by actually playing notes on the keyboard, more like ‘live recording’ scenario, the render option works fine for that recording.

But I am trying to render a dissolved midi track, in other words, I have recorded a midi song on my pa4x, now I am recording that same midi song into cubase by playing back the song in Song Play Mode on the pa4x. Cubase records the midi song perfectly, and also i can render the whole song at this point. BUT, heres the problem, when I separate the recorded midi song into separate individual tracks via the ‘Dissolve Part’ option in Cubase, (Seperate channel for Bass, Guitar, Drums etc), the render option is not working anymore for the individual tracks … :frowning:
Any ideea?

P.S Sorry if I made it sound more complicated than it already is…lol


No problem :slight_smile:
External instrument can used for 1 track at same time
i’ve created a short video for you

i don’t use external instrument feature generally
I prefer to work with the MIDI track and audio track
solo each midi track and record it directely using new audio track

My workflow to record pa4x tracks


Thanks so much for clarifying that fact for me!! it all makes sense now … lol !
And that method you showed me by deselecting the instrument and using it for whatever track you want to render is very useful !!!
Also that second method you use by recording each midi track with an audio track is also very useful !!
Thanks for your solution!! Saved me some time on this problem as I work mostly with midi tracks from my pa4x!

Cheers ANAFREE !!

Lol ,You are welcom alex :slight_smile:
Cheers, and keep safe :+1:

Hi there, I have a number of issues with render in place and mixdown to audio from external midi. (not VSTi’s that’s fine)…I cannot seem to mixdown my external midi devices to an audio file just has blank file. I have a feeling its a school boy error on my part.(its been 6 years since I played with DAWS) I am soloing the part to export it but it just keeps giving me no audio signal. Ive tried many different settings and routing to no luck. I also go to render anything in place and nothing happens! it saves it in my media bay/folder but nothing on my actual project window. Ive looked in settings and I thought just as quick to ask you guys. someone is bound to have the answer :slight_smile: … Im using Cubase 8.04 but I’m sure the solutions are the same as newer versions…