Render midi to audio

Hi all, I’m new here and just purchased Cubase Elements 9.5.

Can anybody help me out and explain how I can render a miditrack into audio?

Thanks in advance.



Hi and welcome,

If you are using an Instrument track (with VSTi) r a MIDI Track routed to the VSTi, you don’t have to render it. Just use Export > Audio Mixdown. The sound of the VSTi is rendered o the WAV with other Channels.

If you are using external HW synth, you have to record the audio signal of your synth to the Audio track.


I am getting confused here. I have external HW and trying to do RIP? Is it possible in C10?


Would you please tell me what is the process? I have MIDI’s routed to my External HW synth! Can I RIP their MIDI events individulally?

:confused: Right click the MIDI part and select “render in place”

It does not RIP. Just to clarify again, the MIDI parts/events are in MIDI tracks. It works if the MIDI events were in Instrument tracks.I already try it.

Sorry I thought, we were talking about instrument tracks.


But it should be the same for a MIDI track routed to the External Instrument (sorry, I can’t check it right now).


I tried it it does not work. I wish we could. Maybe a Macro to MixDown in real time by setting the markers around the events and selecting the MIDI tracks involved would do that!