Render montage and replace w files removes CD data


When I render “All selected clips” in an Audio Montage and use the option for “Replace clips with Rendered Audio Files”, files are replaced alright,
but all Clip names have changed (separate from file names), and Markers and CD-data has disappeared.

I thought you could render clips in an montage and replace with rendered files and keep everything else intact?
Is this a bug?


I’ve never tried your method because I always want to be able to get back to the original source as a backup. instead of replacing what was there, but here is what I do:

I render “Whole Montage” and then in the render options, I choose the option that creates a montage from the resulting file, and copies markers etc.

This way you end up with a new montage, with all FX printed, song spacing stays exactly the same, and CD-Text, track markers, and other data also carries over. From here, you can do many things with various sample rates and bit-depths, as well as various formats (WAV, DDP, mp3).

It’s basically a mirror image of the source montage but with all the plugins rendered.

Rendering the whole montage as one file in one pass really helps mitigate and avoid issues when you have songs that connect or overlap. Going clip by clip or track by track can easily cause a sample discrepancy when you need to have gapless WAVs for cases where things connect, crossfade, overlap, etc.


Thanks for reply!

I’ll’ try your method and see how it goes, as it is more or less what I would like to do.

What I did was to first duplicate the montage to keep the history and then render the files.


I find it’s best to render the montage as one long file in one pass, to avoid any glitches at track transitions. I render it to a floating point WAV and then use those render options to create a new montage from the resulting file. Now, everything is perfectly locked in sonically.

From here you can insert a dither and render 24 or 16-bit WAV files at that sample rate, and you can also convert that initial full render to 44.1k floating point using your favorite SRC (RX or Saracon) and use “Custom Montage Duplicate” to fully recreate the montage with all markers/info in tact, but at the sample rate of the targeted file.

It’s a lot in words but you can fly through it very quickly and these features are a bit reason why I continue to use WaveLab instead of anything else.