Render Montage to CD image - where is the output?

Render Montage using “Create CD image and cue-sheet” with unchecked “Create named file” = where is the output once rendering is finished?? I expected a new (result) audio window to be automatically opened however it did not happen. It just looks like it is nowhere.
If I render Montage as “Time selection” I do get the audio window opened automatically as expected.

This is a WaveLab mistake: the option “Create CD image and cue-sheet” should only be enabled if “Create named file” is checked. I will fix this. Thanks for reporting this.

You are welcome.
FYI if “Create named file” is checked, the newly created audio window is not automatically opened neither.

This bug is (almost) fixed in 7.1 - the newly created output file is still not opened automatically in Audio window (as it used to be in WL6)