Render montage to mp3 including markers


Is it possible to render a montage to a single mp3 file but to retain the markers so that the mp3 file is indexed (has chapter markers)?

I’m using WL 8.0.3.


There is no marker in mp3 format that I know.

Hi PG,

Have a look at this if you would please:

This document describes a method for signalling chapters and a table of contents within an audio file using two new ID3v2 frames. The frames allow listeners to navigate to specific locations in an audio file and can provide descriptive information, URLs and images related to each chapter.

I was trying to find if I could do this with the wavelab meta-data as it supports id3v2.

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Thanks for the link.
What players are supporting this format?

I believe most e-readers support this for audio books. Don’t have any experience myself though…

Hi PG & Arjan,
It looks like most of the desktop players support this and quite a few on IOS and Android. See this article: Auphonic Blog: Chapter Marks for MP3, MP4 Audio and Vorbis Comment (Enhanced Podcasts)

Would this be possible to incorporate into the WL metadata or the podcast tool?

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I note these references. I will see what can be done.

Thanks Philippe. I guess if this could be implemented it would tie-in nicely with WL 8.5 ability to render to AAC (mp4), as all the popular desktop players already support ‘chapters’ in mp4 files.

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