Render parts of multi-timbral vst separately?

Hi, just wondering if this is normal: when I select a midi part and I use the render command, Cubase renders all the active outputs of the instrument. I suppose it is not possible for Cubase to interpret that some parts/tiles of a sampler/voices/… of the instrument don’t receive midi and therefore rendering the outputs of those results in silence. It also creates a clutter of unnecessary new audio tracks with silent audio files… Should it behave this way?

Should it behave this way?

It does behave this way…whether it should is another question!!!

I just find it weird that you get all this unnecessary clutter, if you have a multi-timbral instrument with 6 active outputs of which you are only using 1, when you render, you have to select and remove 5 tracks with silent audio…


If you want to render just one part of multi timbral vst, open render setup and choose full signal path.

It should render only the part you selected