Render Preset Naming In All Lower Case?

Possible Noob Question:

When you render a file. Is it possible to have the naming auto-magically convert to lower case? Eg. If the Clip Name is My Love Song, the rendered name is:

my love song.mp3

…even better would be options to replace spaces with underscores or hyphens or other html-safe chars.

Can do?


I don’t think so but I use this website often when the titles come in with weird capitalization:

I just make sure the files are correctly named before I load into WaveLab and generate the markers, or at the very least, have the marker names correct before doing anything else.

This way, the rendered results are correct.

Bummer. PG, if you read this, please consider this a formal request–especially for batches and rendering multiple clips from a montage.

Use case?

Every day I will upload multiple MP3 clips to my web site(s). As you probably know, Unix web servers are CaSe SenSItive and spaces and special chars are tricky what with encoding so I spend a certain amount of time converting song titles to unix-friendly file names.

It would be a LOT easier if I could program some simple rules for this in Wavelab, eg.

  1. Convert to lower case.
  2. Substitude spaces with underscores
  3. Strip out apostrophes

Thanks for your consideration


PG will know if it’s already possible, I was just giving that website as an option for now incase it’s not.

It is possible from the batch processor, because from there you can use the Renaming tool for this purpose (and also from the file renaming tool).
But I agree this would be a welcome addition to the Naming Scheme tool, that you can use in the standard Render context.
I think to be able to add this option for 9.5.20

Thank you Philippe, that would be great :slight_smile: