Render Queue like Reaper and Adobe Premiere

It would be great to be able to have a render queue similar to Reaper or even Media Encoder and Adobe Premiere. Where I could cue up multiple projects for mix output. Or even within the same project but different mix versions (ie. vocals up, no vocals, loud kick, loud bass, etc.). Or totally different projects. Then I could make a bunch of revisions, then bounce them all down over lunch or overnight. And Cubase would open each project, mixdown, close, open the next project, mixdown, etc.

Reaper is great for this and so is Adobe Premiere/Media Encoder. Since I can sit and work with minimal breaks, and then do all the rendering after. I can get close with the marker rendering which is awesome for quick bounces or utilizing a lot of automation. But being able to cue these up and across multiple projects would really save me a lot of wait time.


Yes, this would be a great feature. It would help with both rendering for review or release but also for archiving old projects.

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