Render Second Pass For Exporting Seamless Audio Loops

Exporting loops in music and sound design for games is essential. But as soon as you put any processor like EQ on a track, Nuendo doesn’t export looping audio filesany more. There’s a pop.

Also if you want to export a loop with a reverb and you want to fold the reverb tail around to the beginning of the file to make the loop work is only possible by copying clips and then exporting bigger regions and cutting them again. Tedious.

Other DAWs have solved these issues. It’s very simple. Add an option “Render Second Pass”. It plays the selected time region once with all processing, also reverb, and then it plays it again while enable recording. It only records the second pass.

All reverb is comfortably wrapped around, no tedious copying, bounce in place, editing… It’s a one click operation, as it should be. Should be simple enough to implement and it goes a long way for people creating dozens or hundreds of loops for music and game sounds, ambiences and such.

It’s been wished many times before, but in order not to forget, and to say I’m still interested in it, I wanted to give this topic a refresher on this forum.


thanks. it seems not to be a common problem but in games and when producing loops it would come in super handy! it certainly would not be complicated to implement.