Render Selection bug

Dear Steinberg,

it seems there’s something not working properly with the “Render Selection” function when there’s some “complicated” routing in the session (and by complicated I just mean a cascade a busses going into other busses, to other busses and so on, and multiple Direct Outs).

The issue is that rendering this way, in these condition (with complicated routing) takes an enormous amount of time and often leads to crashes.
Today that happened with a session with 96 tracks: every track had a channels strips on it and occasionally some other stuff, but that’s not important.
Today I lunched this function selecting all 96 tracks, and, after 20 minutes of apparent freeze (the apparent freeze happens even if I select only 1 track) process started, very slowly. After 4 hours and 60% of the job done, Cubase crashed with not log.

It’s not a plugin matter, as if all those tracks, with the same plugins, go on the master buss directly, function works really smoothly.

On the same session, after the crash, I ended up using the usual bounce function, “Export Audio Mixdown” selection all 96 tracks at once (through the completed routing).
It took ONLY 5 minutes, and the printing was done.
On both function I selected the “Insert and Strip” (or equivalent) option as I needed only to print channels.

I’d love for the “Render Selection” to work properly as it has the very convenient “As Block Events” option.

A screenshot of the setting used with both methods.

Thanks for your consideration!

Do you render them jn the same sample rate as the project? When the export sample rate differs from the project sample rate, exporting takes way longer than usual, there is already a bug report opened and confirmed by Steinberg about that.

Hi Tj,

thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
As far as I know, Render Selection doesn’t allow you to set the sample rate. Anyway, in this specific case, sample rate and bit depth of the offline render are set the same as the project.

I’m aware that few people reported longer exporting times, and I experience that same as well on the offline render (Audio Mixdown) when compared to C11 in the same machine.

This is a bit different and specific to complex routing: if all the tracks go directly to the master buss, Render Selection works fast for me, but when the same tracks are routed using somewhat a complex routing, the render time is not just longer, it is insanely humongous:
on a cue I was working on yesterday, with 96 tracks, it took 4 hours, with the Render Selection, to do 60% of the job and finally crash, while it took only 5 minutes with the “Audio Mixdown”.

Can other confirm this?