Render Selection: rendering separate, mono MIDI parts doesn't return the expected audio events.

What would you expect Nuendo to return when you click “Render Selection” on 6 separate parts which contain notes which play a KONTAKT rack-instrument? The KONTAKT rack-instrument is outputting to Nuendo on a MONO track/channel.
I’ve used the following settings:


I Would expect 6 separate, mono audiofiles, but Nuendo renders something completely different, namely 2 stereo and silent audiofiles in 1 piece.
What am I doing wrong?
And: what is a better workflow to render (mono) MIDI (t)rack-instruments into audiofiles?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Kontakt is a mess when it comes to multichannel.

I would test this with any other sampler and see the results.

Kontakt is a mess when it comes to multichannel.

Hi Tumppi, can you explain any further?

In my view Kontakt is working as expected.
It’s sending its signals on a mono channel/track to Nuendo which works perfectly on my system. Only; when I command Nuendo to render the audio from this MIDI-rack-Instrument (Kontakt) , it seems that Nuendo doesn’t sense it should render this mono channel/track.
In my theory it seems that Nuendo is programmed to render the first available channels from an instrument, which is the default, stereo output from KONTAKT, hence the stereo (but silent) results when I order Nuendo to render-in-place.

Please shine your light on this issue which can broaden my mind…
Niek/ Amsterdam.

I wish I could test for other results with a different sampler, but I can’t; 99% of my instruments are KONTAKT instruments…

All I know that I have build few 5.1 sample packs for playing bg and fx to project.
To get it to work there was very much tweaking to do to get it to act correct in 5.1.
So my thought is if somehow, all tho it is playing right when ”live”, that when rendering it is outputing these other tracks thinking it is multichannel…

Thanks again Tumppi, yes it’s quite a hassle to make Kontakt and Nuendo talk to each other via another way than the default stereo outputs…I agree with you.
Still I think the MIDI-rendering function of Nuendo lacks functionality in order to render other channels than an instruments’ default channel.
Also I think there the Rendering Mode (Seperate, Block, Whole events) needs a closer look.
Sigh…wishful thinking again…Steinberg doesn’t care.

Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.