Render selection still not working


Render in place is wonderful…
When rendering audio region with a bit of inserts it’s fine. But It’s very random when using VST instruments.
I have an Arcade instance with some Midi CC automation, everytime I render it , the render doesn’t sound like the live instance.
If I send this VST through a group and record it in an audio track it’s fine…
I would like to have a render in place in real time… maybe that would help.

A vague mention of Arcade problems comes to my mind, but it’s very vague.

There are possible ways to record the group output with an extra channel.

yes I do this in the end. But that’s real time only and when you have more then 10regions it’s nice to be able to batch them with render selection.

ok. I have arcade for a year but I remember that bug for longer. Maybe any vsyi that involves beat sync in a way ? not sure.