Render Settings mouse hover...


So i know this isn’t a really big deal, but it’s definitely something I’ve noticed with the new update. I notice that when I hover with my mouse over the Render Settings options in the Render Settings dialog, it no longer describes EXACTLY what each one does. Which it DID before, and I found rather handy and reassuring. Is anyone else having this issue? Could it be something on my end? Not sure why it would suddenly cease to come up with those descriptions.


Do you mean the Tooltips?

I don’t know what a ToolTip is, all I know is that when I used to hover over the Render Settings (yunno, Dry, Channel Settings, Complete Signal Path, etc) they used to describe exactly which each one did. And because the name for these settings isn’t precisely descriptive, it’s wicked essential to know what each one does exactly.

Is that making sense?

Tooltips are exactly what you describe…they appear when you hover over tools (buttons/options etc)

Preferences/General. Enable “Show Tips”

Holy Mutha!!

That was SO helpful, thank you so much. I never would have found this otherwise! :smiley: I bow to your superior knowledge.