Render Single and Render Multi

I’ve always used Render Single… but according to the manual, Render Multi can render to multiple file formats?

I’m trying to render all CD tracks individually… and have 1 folder with 24-bit files, one with 16-bit files, and one with mp3 files. I need to change the dithering for the 16-bit files though… Is there a way to do this? - to automatically export all CD tracks individually for all 3 formats - and to change the dithering for the 16-bit files (currently using the MBit+ Dithering plugin included with Wavelab)? I’m trying to understand how to do it, but I don’t understand how so far…

This would be amazing - because once I finish someone’s master, I could instantly export all of their files with a single command, and then go get dinner or something while everything renders. Currently, it’s a multi-step process if I want various formats.

It would be super cool if there was a way to render the DDP files at the same time too… and even generate a PDF audio CD report… maybe I’m getting too picky now though :slight_smile:


The multi file format feature happens post-Master Section. This means, the collected data is the same input
for all file formats.
This means, the dithering can’t be different for each format.

I agree this would be better otherwise, as well as to batch all the tasks you mention.

I’ve thought about this too but I don’t see a good way to do it because we need 24-bit, 16-bit, and also no dithering for mp3/AAC encoding from the floating point engine of WaveLab.

So the Render Multi-Formats option seems like a good idea in theory but only if the dither is managed behind the scenes after the master section which I don’t think is a good idea.

With the render presets functionality, I find it very fast to render all these formats one at a time and I am one who is normally looking for ways to work faster and smarter.

Well, maybe in the future - It would be awesome to have an option to just load a specific mastering section preset for each export (all plugs and dither), and to be able to assemble a group of exports into a single batch.

It would be a dream combination - the Render dialog window with multiple renders, each with its own Render Preset, “Master Section Preset”, “naming preset”, etc. :slight_smile: