"Render" tempo changes?

Hi all,

I have a tempo ramp-down at the end of a song, and it is causing unusable audio playback distortion/glitching on the two lead vocal audio tracks (L/R). The problem only seems to occur on these audio tracks, the VSTi playback and the overall audio playback seem fine … (that is, once I learned from some older cubase posts that I need to turn off external sync on Kontakt which was wreaking major havoc…)

Is there some way for me to “render” (offline pre-process) the tempo ramp-down on these two vocal tracks so that cubase does not have to try process the tempo change in real time? Since tempo changes globally affect all tracks of the song, it doesn’t seem that I can use traditional methods (Freeze, Render In Place or Audio Mixdown) to pre-process those tracks, as the tempo ramp would still continue to be active on all tracks and the same problem would occur (though I suspect my vocals would slow down twice as much!)

The song will play if I change the sample buffer rate to 1024, but this latency is not practical for doing additional recording. My hardware/CPU quite easily handles the other 4.5 minutes of the song from a CPU perspective, it is just this two seconds that I don’t know how to resolve.

It appears from searching the boards that tempo ramps seem to be a known problem, causing other users to have CPU/playback glitches as well. Any help or creative ideas/work-arounds would be greatly appreciated!


Use any common method (I would recommend Render in Place), then make sure, the rendered and imported file is not in the Musical Mode. Select the event in the Project page, and switch Musical: Off in the Info View. Or switch it Off in Pool. Then thes Audio file will not follow tempo changes, and will not apply time-stratches based on tempo changes, which should solve your issue.

I hope, this helps.

Great idea, thank you Martin! :slight_smile: