render to final master problem

I have 2 problems with rendering a montage from 24 bit to 16 bit final master.
I have the settings shown in the attached png - WL should open the rendered file as a new montage but it doesn’t.
If I tick “open resulting audio file” I get the finished file with markers but I can’t find a way to open this as a montage from which I can burn the cd.
Operator errors or bug ?
Thank’s for helping :slight_smile:

WL 8_05 render problem.PNG

It should work with your settings. It’s not creating a new montage in a tab next to the 24 bit montage?
You can use “File/Export/Create Audio Montage from active file” on the rendered audio file, but you shouldn’t have to. You’re using 8.5.10?
How about if you tick both “open as new montage” and “open resulting audio file”?

A montage is “bit agnostic”. You can burn a CD from a CD using 24 or 32 bit files.

Thank’s bob99 - your workaround works :slight_smile:
I now have a finished file that can burn a CD without having any plugins in the master chain. Much faster.
@ PG - I don’t understand what you mean by a montage being a “bit agnostic” ?- or how I can burn a CD from a CD ? - why would I do that ?

Not “a bit agnostic” but "bit agnostic. In other words, it can include files of any bit depth, because the output will be reduced to the required bit depth on rendering (16 bits in the case of CD burning) - which is why you must give thought to whether dither is required.