Render to Mono

I notice they did not fix this with Cubase 8.5. A lot of people have asked for a feature to render VSTi parts to mono audio files. It’s my biggest wish for Cubase actually. Using a mono out for that part when you render it is an annoying workaround.

This was already improved with the 8.0.20 Update (if your track is mono it will be rendered in mono, with the correct setting):

It is now possible to render tracks in either mono or stereo: For the render options “Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)” and “Channel Settings” the resulting audio tracks keep the formats of their source tracks. A mono track results in a mono track. For the render options “Complete Signal Path” and “Complete Signal Path + Master FX” the resulting audio file format is determined by the output channel of the source track. A mono track, routed to a stereo bus, results in stereo audio files.

I know that but it’s a pain to have to set up another channel for rendering which has mono output, then when you go back to your song, you only hear it in one channel, you have to put it back on a stereo channel to monitor it in stereo again.

This is not what people want. They want a box in the render setup window to check which says “Render as mono.”

Do you understand my request now? Ignore the workaround, this is a request to make it easier. I figured out how to do it already, it’s just not good that way.

No, I don’t understand. It’s not necessary to set up another channel, or to use any workaround. Rendering to mono works fine here, without changing any routing!
The only thing that might missing now, is to render a stereo source to a mono target track. This can be useful if you work with Drum VSTi’s which are not able to send a mic out on a mono channel. Which in my view is a weak point of that VSTi’s. For example, “Kontakt” libraries are working fine with mono rendering.

Yes of course all VSTi are stereo to begin with. What we have here is a failure to communicate. It’s hard to believe they really tested this out before releasing it or before not fixing it.

I have this frame of mind, I can render as mono when I export which I have been using for years but why not with the Render feature?

I think you don’t understand the complaint because you don’t use it the way we do. You should accept that we have a problem instead of insisting there is no problem because you don’t experience it that way. This Forum Topic really is for requests to Steinberg and I am not the first one to request this. Arguing with the posters is not the intended use of this Topic.

Nothing needs fixing,it’s not broken. The addition of a dedicated mono button on the r.i.p dialog would however make life a little easier

It would make things a lot easier for me. By default, all my VSTi plugins are stereo.

On the master bus, I simply add a “Stereo enhancer” which has a mono button on it. Turn on the mono button and enable to the effect. when you want stereo, bypass the effect.

Ironic that stereo enhancer is what is used to make it mono. I would prefer not to have to do this as I will be rendering many parts, frequently. I am sure you are not saying that this negates the request. I am just trying to understand why a mono checkbox wasn’t included originally and why they refused to add it after that.

I understand what the OP means and that will be a great feature to have. +1