RENDER TRACK still not working ... why?


With Kontakt I always have this problem where I want to render track an instrument and the sounds are randomly cut in the process…
It’s not about tail etc I have 8 sec tail and “As one event” selected. But here I have this cymbal rise and sound is cut on the Bar no matter what . I tried Dry / Channel Settings… nothing works.

Any idea why ?

and the answer is this :
—EDIT — wait no… it solves some problem but not all.
I have this kontakt instance that no matter the name or output destination will never render.
So … to export it I have to put a CC on the midi track of kontakt aiming at filter to open it… for some reason the render close that CC…

It’s been 10years with this bug and still no warning from cubase that the file name is incompatible with render track… how classy.