Render Track To MONO in Cubase 9.5

Can anyone confirm for me please, can we now Render to a MONO TRACK in 9.5 ?

Have I asked a silly question or something !!!

Route the track to a mono buss, then export, and the resulting track will be mono.

I didn’t bother with routing to a mono buss, I just exported to desktop as a mono file and then Imported it back to a new mono track, works fine.
Why Cubase changes the original mono kick to a stereo I’ll never know.
Anyway thanks for your help and maybe we’ll get a render to mono some time from Cubase !

The reason Cubase outputs a stereo file is because the track is routed to a stereo buss… I was confused by this in the past also. Once I learned the problem, I started creating a mono buss, routing the track there, and then exporting - but it’s tedious. I agree with you - I’d like to see an easier option to render mono files…