Render vs Export?

Hello, are there any differences between Render an audio file vs Export it and import it in your project again?

Is there any difference in audio quality when you Render it vs Export it?

Thank you!


It has been discussed here on the forum many times already.

Render always renders with the settings of the project. So if you want/need to use other format, you have to go for export.

With Render, you have easy way to Render the Dry signal, or to set the point in the signal path, where do you want to render from.

If you need to use the exported file another project, Export is better.

Thank you a lot!

So, are there any differences in the the audio quality between Render and Export, from the original audio or the quality remains the same after these two different processes?


If you use the export settings the same as the project settings is, then the result is the same and it doesn’t matter, if you Render or Export.

I understand now, thank you!