Render VST pre fader ?

Is there any way to render a VST pre-fader :question: I usually have a VST at -15 and below on the mixer, a render will give me an audio file at that post fader level and the audio track at 0.00 in the mixer. I basically want to render pre fader and have the audio track at the same mixer level as the VST is.


I’m sorry, I don’t think so. But you can Ctrl+click to the fader to get the 0.00 Value before the rendering.

Tx Martin, thats what I do and then manually return the fader to the VST level to maintain the balance. I nearly sure that Ableton Live does something like this when rendering tracks.


If you select **Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)**in the Render Settings, then the Render is without the Fader settings too. It depends, what you want to render.

It’s channel settings not fader isn’t it. It just bypasses inserts.

You’re wrong. I made an Instrument track Retrologue put some MIDI notes, volume of Retrologue was set to 0.0, inserted Brickwall Limiter to see the output volume right after the instrument, set Channel Fader to -15dB and Rendered with Dry Settings. I got Audio file with Volume -3dB (as the Brickwall Limiter displayed) and Channel Fader set to -15dB. So it’s Real PRE Channel Fader RIP.

Great my mistake.