render w/ sonnox denoiser doesn't seem to change audio?

I’m doing some pseudo mastering on a project done with a 4-track cassette. One of the obvious issues is tape hiss, particularly on softer tunes. I’ve tried the following:

  • input file is 96/24
  • insert Sonnox Denoiser in effects slot
  • highlight about 1 sec of ‘silence’ in at the song start, leave sensitivity at 0 and attenuation at -4.5dB
  • switch from adapt button to freeze button
  • reset audio window to start of file
  • render out with no resolution changes (ie use channels/sample rate/wordsize from input stream).

I can clearly hear a reduction in the hiss when I audition the plug-in, and I make sure it is active
for the render and not bypassed.

When I compare pre- and post-render files in the same silence secton, I can’t hear a difference in hiss
level. Just to make sure I’m not fooled by the master section, I’m removing the plug when I do the pre/post
comparison, so the master bypass shouldn’t matter (the master level faders are at 0 for the render, and I
confirmed that levels on the pre/post files are nearly identical).

windows 7 64-bit
wavelab 7.11 (build 550), installed as 32-bit app

fwiw, I’ve done other rendering with Slate FG-X and the Crystal Resampler, and those post results seem to
be fine. It just seems like this Sonnox plug will audition with an obvious improvement but I can seem to
get that to render out.

Is there any kind of licensing issue with the Sonnox plugs? seems like if I can insert them and hear their
effect prior to rendering, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

Any help appreciated–this is driving me batty!

somehow I’m not using the freeze button correctly–if I leave the plugin set to ‘adapt’, I can
hear reduced hiss in the rendered audio.

my intention was to take a snapshot of a quiet section before the song begins and apply
that noiseprint to the entire song–has anyone used the denoiser in this manner?

for the time being I’m going to leave the adapt button active–is that considered the best
approach for this application?


I’ve got the same problem!!!

I tried deleting the vst plugins and re-installing wavelab, I installed it stopped doing it. Then I applied the update to it started again… :angry:

I can confirm this issue. When I use “freeze,” the denoiser does not render.


Hello, just a suggestion, if you leave the portion of audio selected only that portion will be rendered.
When you use the Freeze, you can operate on the fly, without selecting. (Anyway I never tried at 96/24).

This only happens with 24 bit files. I just tried it with a 16 file, and it worked fine.

Hi all

Does anyone know if this is fixed? I’m having the same problem. Has anyone tried this in WL8? Thanks :confused:

It has not been fixed. It does still happen in Wavelab 8. You can work around by either using “auto” or highlighting the file and selecting “render selection.”


Sonnox Denoiser ver: 2.01, MBP OSX 10.9 and WL 8.03

Just tried with pink noise 44.1 kHz 24-bit total lengt of wave 10 s
1 s and 5 s freeze and render selection Process in place
it works here I can see it in wave and hear the plugin effect
or I don’t understand !?

regards S-EH


Did you try it as a selection or the whole file? The error only happens for me when I’m rendering the whole file. 24 bit only. I’ve only tested stereo files.

I did both way’s on a the very short wav, 1 s and 5 s freeze
on a the 10 s wav and even a selection anywhere inside wav
and from what i can tell the Denoiser works !
and yes 24-bit stereo wav

ps, I even tried now with WL 7.2.600 and it works there too in 32-bit OSX !
1 Q, Do you use 64-bit OSX ?

regards S-EH

I use 64 bit. All I can tell you is using freeze on a 24 bit wave on the whole file never works for me in Wavelab 7 or 8, Windows 7, 64 bit. (NOT hitting ctrl A to select all – that still counts as a selection and thus works fine).

I don’t have time to test again right now. If others want to chime in, feel free.

I have the same problem! Very frustrating to spend an hour doing a job and then realize the noise is still on the rendered files.

Windows XP 32 bit
Wavelab 7.2.1 (build 600) 32 bit

I tried every which way, 24 bit, 16 bit, whole file, selection, adding as a track effect instead of master section effect… it never renders.

Using Freeze mode to sample tape hiss.

How can this be fixed??


Using Freeze mode to sample tape hiss.

Try without this mode.

The results are no good in Adapt mode. In Freeze mode we can get 6 to 18 db noise reduction with almost no artifacts. In Adapt mode only 3-4db before artifacts. How do we get Freeze mode to work when rendering? Does it work in Wavelab 8?

Here’s what PG said in the Wavelab 8 thread on the subject. I’m not satisfied, but I got the sense that he was done talking about it and the workaround using “render selection” works (for me at least), even if it is inelegant and unintuitive.

“What’s important, is to be in Adapt mode when you render. It always work then, 16 or 24 bit. I think the problem is that the ‘Freezed analysis’ is not part of the preset, hence not transmitted when switching from the playback plugin to the rendering plugin (it’s another instance).”