Hi kindly someone tell how I can render current settings like vsti midi sound+ volume and pan for each channels separately? For example on some channels I want mono and some I want in stereo
Actually when I render the base sound channel then it starts doing it in stereo but I want it in Mono I think you guys understand what. Render vsti mono and stereo + volume/pan :question:

The only way to render mono until they improve render function is to assign that track to a mono output or group.
I leave an unassigned mono output in vst connections just for this.

Thanks for reply but sorry I don’t completely understand what you mean. Please see attached pic……… For example I recorded a kontakt base sound in Cubase midi channel now when I render it, it’s converted into stereo when I want it in Mono. I am not completely familiar with VSTi because before I only used to use Hardware keyboard sounds in Cubase and I know how to record audio in stereo and mono that way but not through VSTi recording! Kindly please guide me step by step as I am very new to this ……… all guidance will be very much appreciated!

Open VST connections/input tab
Create a new mono bus and name it how you like…you do not need to assign it to any physical output and can unnasign it if it auto assigns one.

That part you do once only and won’t need to do it each time you want a mono track

So back in Cubase select the instrument channel and set it’s output routing to the new mono out.

Now in render settings choose Complete signal Path and run the render.

If you don’t want to use vst connections you can also create a mono group track and route the instrument to this before rendering.

Hi sorry for late response and thank you for your reply its is detailed and helpful I have added Mono bus but as I am really unfamiliar with VSTi and I am not able to grasp how to
“Select the instrument channel and set it’s output routing to the new mono out.”
Is there any video tutorial to show this? If not could you please give me a little more guidance on how to do this?

Kindly I have another request please could you take a look at my other post and give me your help.

So you need to select the Kontakt output that the bass sound is coming from.

You can do this in a few places…easiest one to describe is probably click on the e button to open the channel edit window (where the EQ etc are) and in the top bar where it will say Stereo Out click and select the mono out from the menu that appears.