Rendered file volume issue

When i export a 48K file using rendering to a 44.1K file, the resulting file volume is always about 0.5 dB more than the original, why’s that and how to solve it?

Resampling should always be followed by Limiting, because some peak changes could happen with the Resampling process.
HQ resampling should be done from the Master Section, not as a file output format choice. BTW, in WaveLab 7.1, a warning is issued if you choose that last solution.

Ok, Thank you

Yes, this is the right way. So where is the problem if you do so? The limiter should limit the peaks…

The problem was even when the limiter is there and adjusted to -0.01 dB, when the rendered output file is from 48 K to 44.1 k, the output level is exceeding 0 dB and causing additional unwanted around 0.5 dB peak cut and peaks on the resulting file, and the resulting file is hitting 0 dB with squashed sound caused by the new unwanted peak square like cuts, as you said it is mostly caused by the converter algorithm on the rendering output from 48 to 44, I am not sure if this occur while rendering from 88 to 44,

So the meter before rendering is hitting -0.01 dB and after rendering it’s hitting 0 dB with unwanted square peaks.
but the solution is working properly, i was just wondering if this is an algorithm issue that needs solving, and it can be solved by automatically inserting sampling converter that matches the output sampling rate in the end stage just before the sampling conversion algorithm takes place, or may be changing the conversion method