'Rendered in place' as a Track version

Wanted to suggest to put an option (checkbox) in ‘Render Selection’ window to make a rendered event a new track version.
(And maybe to put ‘Clean inserts’ and ‘Ignore automation’ in there as well.)

Don’t understand how that would work. If I render an Instrument Track the result is an Audio file which means the two different Track Versions would also need to be different Track Types. Doing that would be a fundamental change to the underlying architecture of Cubase. Anything is possible but that seems like a huge ask that would also generate lots of unexpected side effects.

Then simply this function would be inactive in ‘Render Selection’ window. :wink:
This feature is more for Audio tracks when you are ready to commit but want to keep an automation info intact without having to create/delete tracks etc especially with analog devices as ‘external plugins’.

I wouldn’t mind having settings for track versions overall whether to include inserts etc.
Could be very useful to try out different plugins just by activating another track version.

Sonar has what they call MixRecall that works like that.