Rendered-In-Place Audio Track Names Still Coming From Instrument Channel Name, And Not The MIDI Track Name Itself


I believe I mentioned this months ago, that when it comes to Render-In-Place, it would be very helpful if I had a MIDI track named “Horns”, the following rendered audio track created, would automatically be named “Horns ®”.

As of the the Cubase 9.5 update, this naming convention still hasn’t been addressed - the resulting rendered track name is still named after the MIDI Instrument channel, and not the MIDI track itself.

Is there any reason why?



Yes, I remember the post. I think the reason is, Cubase render the audio (in this case the Audio Return Channel), not the source MIDI. Cubase doesn’t know internal instrument routing – which MIDI track is routed to which Audio Return Channel. So Cubase doesn’t know the source of the MIDI data, so it doesn’t know, how to name the rendered track from the source.

+1 for this!
I have to manually name each rendered audio channel from the relevant midi track.
Wouldn’t it be nice for the audio to have the same name as the “mother” midi track?

I think that it would be easy for cubase to look for the midi track name Martin, there are scripts that can look up the name in the track, so I imagine that the software creator could fix it.

Maybe a developer can chime in.?

Ps, don´t get me started in the multiout´s lots of tracks creation issue.