Rendered MIDI File no longer plays IN MIDI

I’m working on a performing a flute solo that I wrote on keyboard (my first & Primary instrument). I’m learning to play it on the recorder, which is a secondary instrument for me. I wanted to export the slowed down “practice tempo version” to take with me on my phone. Then I can practice the piece outside of the studio.

So I soloed the MIDI performance and rendered it in place. But I had placed the wrong end time code and my solo print came out 2 bars short. So I corrected the end time and went to run the line again. This time I got NO SOUND FROM THE MIDI TRACK! :astonished: :open_mouth:

I’ve checked all of the settings and I didn’t change a thing on that track. But there is no longer any Meter Activity coming from that track. WHY did it stop playing?

Any clues or tips on what this is about?

Never mind (not that anybody actually seemed interested initially), I found it.

The MIDI file is muted after the rendered file is placed which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is WHY the mute indicator doesn’t come on when the track is muted! :open_mouth: The muting is in a submenu that is not visible unless you go searching for it. I can’t begine to understand the logic that developed this scenario. Rendering also turns the VSTi patch off (down to zero)! So, once again no OBVIOUS change that you could just undo and reset, if you had to. This was NOT intuitive at all! :angry:

Just another “we don’t work in the real world” gem!