Rendered or exported VSTi audio not synced correctly

I was playing around routing a Chord Track to an Instrument Track with Arpache SX in a MIDI Insert slot. It sounded pretty cool and I wanted to turn it into audio so I could chop it up and use it in different places. Initially I tried Rendering in Place, but when that didn’t sound right I tried exporting the 8 bars and importing that back into the project. Unfortunately that produced the same result as rendering - even when I exported in real time.

The audio clip that gets created is not in sync with the rest of the project. I’m not sure if it is starting a bit early or late, since I haven’t been able to successfully slide it around so it plays in sync (the arpeggiation makes this harder to hear). The only thought I had was that it is some kind of latency issue - but that doesn’t seem right since it’s not going through any interface.

Any ideas on how to do this successfully would be great.



I tried to reproduce your problem, but I can’t.
I rendered the Complete signal path, and everything sounds right.
When you lower the “step size” in Arpache SX, try 1/4, you can better hear whats happening.

You could at least start narrowing down the problem yourself…remove arpache and trigger notes from a midi track.
How is the timing now?.
If that’s still out how about when you export/import audio?
Use a simple percussion hit to test and you can straight away see which direction and by how much your track is out which could at least give you the amount you need to delay your track to get it in time.

Well that’s a pretty duh way to look at it. But in my defense this was at the end of a long day and the problem had already criminally intruded into the “censored” hour. :mrgreen: (Seriously the board changed the word commonly used for the time when one has a drink in the early evening that ends in …tail. Really?)

Under the cold hard light of day and coffee, and after a bit of exploring it seems the fault is with Arpache SX interacting with the Chord Track during export. I removed Arpache SX from the chain and the exported chord track audio was in sync. Then I tried exporting with Arapache SX in the chain but instead of just the one track I exported all the audio at the Stereo Buss. This audio had everything playing at the correct time except the arpeggiated part. Next I did the same thing but substituted Arpache 5 and its exported audio was correct. Finally I dragged the chords from the Chord Track onto the Instrument Track and used those to trigger Arpeche SX. This was properly synced too. So the problem seems to occur when using both Arpache SX and the Chord Track - remove either one and all is fine.