Rendered Track File Names Not Auto Derived From Track Names

In the Cubase>Edit>Render In Place>Render Settings>Render Tracks>Name field an information box pops up when you hover your cursor over the “Lock”. It reads… “If locked, the track and file names of the rendered tracks will be derived from the track names.”

This information is not correct because if you render a track with the lock in the locked position the track name will be derived from the track name and the file name will be derived from the file (or event) name.

Steps to reproduce…

  1. Create an audio track or instrument track named VB3.
  2. Recorded some stuff onto it. The audio file name was automatically named VB3_01 (instrument track event was named VB3).
  3. Change the audio file name (or event name) to something different from the track name… VB4.
  4. Save the project
  5. Perform a “render in place” with the above noted name field in the settings box left as “untitled” and the lock in the “locked” position.

The resultant rendered track name should have been VB3 ® and the audio file name should have been named VB3 ®.


The resultant rendered track was named VB3 ® and the audio file was named VB4 ®.

Please correct either the function or the information box (as applicable). Thank you

Regards :sunglasses: