Rendered wav files crackling noise


I rendered some masters (wav files) I have done from the audio-montage. They sound good inside of wavelab, but when I play them in VLC player there is some kind of sparkling/crackling noise going on in the background. It doesn’t seem to be a problem when I play them in intunes though.

Anyone has any idea why this happen?

I don’t really use VLC much but maybe check the audio settings … including advanced audio settings … in VLC are what you expect them to be. Sounds like there’s something going on in that app.

Check inside VLC player I think there is a gain/volume setting
somewhere if I remember correctly !?

regards S-EH

So you suspect there is nothing wrong with the wav-files, the problem is VLC?
I hope so! I will check the settings too.


Strange, because VLC is usually the best player out there. If you open the file in WaveLab, do you see clicks?

Ah geez I am getting the problem too! but for me the WAV file has these crackles no matter what player is playing them (windows, google drive, iphone). Playback sounds fine in Cubase (I have the latest version) but something happens when I export it as a WAV. file. I have tried it twice with the same results. Is it possible my computer is too weak to use cubase? I have Nvidia Geoforce GTX and Intel Core i7 9th gen as the graphics card and processor. I don’t have nor know what VLC is so I am not sure how to solve it on my end…