Rendering a montage - how to prevent output files opening?

Hi - sorry for the rather dull question - but I have really struggled to find out how to workaround this issue today. I am rendering tracks and montages and I am trying to find a way to stop montage output files opening in the File Window as they are completed.

Basic issue is that as each rendered file is completed, it is opened in the File Window and this steals the focus. Very irritating when doing a montage as each file in turn is completed and the desktop focus switches to WL.

I’m on OSX Lion here and I didn’t try on Win7 yet. Anyone got any ideas? Have been searching for the tick-box that controls whether the files are opened or not but I can’t see anything!

Any ideas I’d be very grateful!

John (WL 7.2.1 on OSX 10.7)

The same question was asked in this thread. My workaround is to tell WL to open a new montage with the result of the rendering - this then opens only one window rather than one for each file.


Many thanks Paul - and apologies for my rather poor searching of the board today :confused: