Rendering accidentals in player names in staff labels

I have a feeling this one’s come up recently, but I’m afraid I can’t find it!

I have a situation where I want to show doublings at the start of flows, and I’m doing that by using player names as staff labels at starts of flows, just for the players that hold multiple instruments.

This works fine for my Oboe 2/Cor player but I can’t find a good solution for my Clarinet/BCl player. I can get this:

or this:

Is there a good way of getting a properly rendered flat sign here?

(I suppose I could hand the player a third customised instrument with a customised instrument name, force a switch to it somehow, override the part layout name and hide the instrument changes, but that feels awfully workaroundy given there’s now theoretically functionality to handle these sorts of situations.)

I just found those two. Not the same problem, but basically the answer was something like “Player name as staff labels are not really adjustable”.

Maybe you can just use staff text? Not nice but faster than your workaround. And even the Oboe 2/Cor Anglais isn’t center alined.

When changing the player name, use Unicode value U+266D for the flat:


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That’s how I came to the second image in my OP, which is unsatisfactory:

I’m unfortunately limited to Times New Roman by the publisher. Academico renders U-266D very nicely; most other fonts don’t.

Since you can’t change the font in a player name, you could use the instrument name for the 2nd clarinet and add staff text with the Staff Labels paragraph style for the bass clarinet and move the staff text in engrave mode:


I realise I haven’t given sufficient context in my OP, so here it is:
I have five flows.
In the first, fourth and fifth flows, the second clarinettist starts off on Bass Clarinet.
In the other two flows the second clarinettist starts off on regular Clarinet in B♭.
I’m using condensing where possible.

I had thought that it’d make sense to show the doublings on the first system of the first flow, but, short of using staff text and dragging it into place, there isn’t really a way to that at all.

I’m sorry to have sent you down a rabbit hole. I think the context means that I’m better off with a separate instrumentation page to list the doubles.

Still, it’d be nice, for simpler uncondensed situations, to be able to show accidentals correctly (pulling from the Default Music Text Font) within player names.

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