Rendering Accuracy

How accurate is rendering an instrument track to an audio track ?
I’ve tried this with HSO strings and the resultant audio track sounds harshermore brittle instead of cosy and warm.
Is renedering accurate or is it my head ?

Rendering should be spot on, after all it’s the exact same calculations done. If it sounds different you are missing something or doing something wrong. Maybe you have some effects on the instrument track that are not on the audio track? Or maybe your instrument track are routed differently.

I’m sort of self doubting here so i’ll leave it till another day and use the instrument track for now.

follow the signal pathg under “render settings”. go through each plugin one by one and you will see the problem

Thanks Xerix i’ve not renedered since so i’ll come back to this.

They sound exactly the same, unless the is something wrong (samplerate, buggy plugin)
Easily tested with a Null test.