Rendering and CD Burning drop outs!!!!

I have purchased Wavelab 7 Elements to do some light mastering work. I have a montage of 10 tracks and am unable to render to file or burn to CD without dropouts being introduced to my final files about 2-5 seconds in to each track. I have done the following things to try and remedy the situation without success:

  • I disabled all effects and plugins
  • I have increased my soundcard latency
  • I have switched to a different soundcard
  • I have updated Wavelab 7 Elements to the latest version available for download (
  • I have repaired permissions on my hard drive
  • I have restarted and shut down the computer several times (intel Mac 2.8Ghz running 10.6.8)

I eventually got so fed up that I just played the montage with the necessary effects in real-time via SPDIF out to a 2 channel recorder and burned from there.

Seems like a pretty major issue for a pretty simple task like a rendering/CD burning.

Any information that can be provided on how to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Sound Card has no importance when you write files to disk.
Sound like a HD issue. What Mac hardware are you using? (if this is an iMac bought between october 2009 and july 2011, are you aware that Apple has reported recently that the seagate HDs are to be replaced for free by them).

Very interesting. I will check into that- thank you for the advice on the replacement.

I will try exporting to an external drive over FW800 to see if that has any affect and will report back.

Thanks again.


Some more immediate information: the iMac that I am using is not eligible for the replacement, so I’m guessing that’s not the problem, but will still test with an external drive and report back.


So I tried running and rendering everything from the external drive and I am still getting the same issue. If I remove ALL of the plugins (including EQ), the problem goes away.


Can Wavelab not handle VST plugins?

Any ideas on a fix?

Many thanks.


Did you try with Steinberg plugins?

Yes. I tried using Peak Master only (which comes with Wavelab). What now?


Yes. I tried using Peak Master only (which comes with Wavelab).


Now Wavelab isn’t rendering any effects at all- even the ones that come with the program. I’m sorry to say that I’ve been incredibly disappointed with this version of Wavelab. The older versions were so easy to use and worked without fail. Just not up to snuff in my opinion.

I spend so much time tracking down problems with this system that I’m hardly getting any work done. The manual is of little help- it seems that the manual is not specific to version- it’s just one “blanket” manual that is sent out, regardless of what version you have.

I need to move on to a more professional solution.

Now Wavelab isn’t rendering any effects at all- even the ones that come with the program.

Sorry for the experience you have. However, I suggest you to install WaveLab on a different computer. There must be something abnormal on your system. Obviously, if this core function was not working, Steinberg’s support would be overwhelmed of calls, which is not the case.