Rendering and markers

Hi there. This question is probably super basic but a nudge in the right direction would be super helpful. I’ve been doing masters in cubase for a few years, and the main client wants full songs rendered, along with 3 minute regions from their middle sections, for promoting purposes. In cubase I’ve my template set up with project window cycle markers between minute 1 and 4, so every time I export i make new cycle markers for the song wavefiles and simply include those middle section markers for every song in the export que list. What’s the best way in wavelab? I don’t want to get hung up on some convoluted way when there is probably a very sensible and quick way. I basically just need to render a bunch of montage tracks in their full lengths, but at the same time also the region between minute 1 and 4. Hoping i don’t need to set these same time regions for each track in the montage…
Thank you!

I would do it in two steps. You do your normal renders in the first step.
In the next step, you use the batch processor. There is no single plugin that can do the job of selecting from 1 min to 4, but you can simulate this with two plugins:

  • Trimmer allows to cut out the 1st minute
  • Resizer allows limiting the length of the titles to eg. 3 minutes.

If this is something you would do daily, this would be possible to automate all this in one step, thanks to a watch folder, but this would be an advanced case that would need more explanations.


Thanks for the idea! Do you think it would work to for example put all the songs on lanes rather than tracks, and then render based on a single set of track or CD markers?

What I suggest does not depend on tracks or lanes. And yes, you can put your clips indifferently on lanes or tracks when you create titles to render.

So i gather there is no single step rendering option at all to include all full clips, as well as a region in the middle? It almost makes Cubase’s export queue more efficient then, when i paid quite a bit for WL to mostly save time and have a more efficient workflow. Well I’ll keep experimenting thanks anyway

Yes, there is, if you set up a watch folder to auto-process the rendered file in their destination folder. But this is not something I would do if this is occasional.
On the other hand, preparing a batch processor is easy and quite convenient for many things. Since you are new to WaveLab, I encourage you to check this tool.
In Cubase, you have to deal with cycle markers, which is a workflow overhead, too, after all.

Thanks! I’ll make the batch processing work and work on assigning some macros etc :slight_smile: Appreciate the help