Rendering Audio and External Plugins

When you render audio while you have external plugins in your project you have to render audio in realtime regardless of whether the track is using that external plugin. It would be great if you could still render some audio in real time if it doesn’t use an external plugin if there are some active in your project.

I’m thinking about projects where I am using lots of virtual instruments, but I’m using an external plugin chain say for a guitar track, when it comes to rendering those virtual instruments, I now have to do it in realtime which is pretty annoying, I guess I could manually remove all the external plugins and re add them afterwards, but it would be awesome if cubase allowed you to fast render when it’s not actually ‘touching’ the external plugin.

I totally agree. I end up taking out the external plugs and do my render to save time. I’m thinking that disabling the tracks with hardware and render might work but a “smart” render feature would be preferable for the workflow.