Rendering causes screeching in audio file (Resolved)

:question: I have a problem after rendering an audio from a plug-in or importing an audio file.

  1. When I render and then apply normalization to the audio and then play back the normalized wav file, I hear bad screeches and spikes in the file. When I undo the file normalization the file, it’s ok.
  2. When I import a wave file, I get the screeches in the file also. This is intermittent, however.

I have Cubase 8 Pro using Win 7 Ultimate 64bit 12gigs memory. Focusrite 18i20 interface. I just don’t know what is causing this. I have been using Cubase for such a long time; this is a vexing problem.
This started when I upgraded to Cubase 8 Pro.
Anybody know what might be the problem or have any suggestions?

I was using a USB 3 Hard drive to render to and once I used the local HD everything was OK. I still don’t know that would have caused a problem with the renderdfile though?