rendering clip gain

I have a huge project with lots of clip gain and event based fades. In order to have this preserved in the OMF export i need to permanently render it to the clip. If i select all and use bounce to selection, it creates a huge long audio file with lots of silence. I want it to only process selected clips individually. Is there any way to do this without creating any huge audio files with lots of silence?

I suppose I could use strip silence, but the huge file is still worse because i lose the names of my individual clips and it takes up more hard drive space.

I think you should make macro where with one key cmd it puts left and right locators each side of event and then audio exports it back to a new ch. my 2 pennies

Have you tried the ‘Freeze Edits’ function? Not sure if this will work for clip gain but you should take a look and see if it’s a solution.

I tried freeze edits it’s for offline processes so its greyed out