Rendering from montage to ogg or mp3

Hey all,
I have read the manual but it is so confusing. I have never known how to do this with any versions of wavelab and it seems like a simple task and I’m sure it must be but…

Can someone tell me how to go about rendering from a montage with all the cd tracks in order to mp3s or ogg vorbis that will also contain information about the playback order? I just did a render to ogg files and it output all the files to a folder yet I’m not sure it also contained the playback order.

Thanks in advance,

I think I may have figured it out, had to change the scheme to add numerical prefix.

I don’t know about Ogg but for mp3 and AAC, you can also embed in the ID3v2 metadata the track number/track total which most media players can ready.

So while you can pad the file names with a numeric prefix as I always do for computer file systems, you can also add the track name (without the numeric prefix) to the title field of ID3v2 metadata, and then the track number/track total as well so that when loaded into a media player, you don’t have to see the numerical prefix and overall it looks a bit nicer.

Cool! Thanks!!!