Rendering frozen tracks - a time saver

Hello. I would love the possibility to “render in place” frozen tracks.

I really like the ability to freeze tracks because I make big productions with a lot of heavy VSTs that demand power and memory. So being able to freeze is a lifesaver, not just in terms of computer power, but also not having to wait when you load up a project. If you have 20 VSTs all loading it can take a while…

I also freeze rather than rendering because it is a lot easier to edit these tracks later if needed. You know, tweak a note here and there, remove a chord etc. This cannot be done as well with a rendered track.With frozen tracks I don’t lose any data and I have more edit options. If I render a track, I can’t go in and edit later on with the same precision. There are times where a rendered track is very useful though, especially if you want to make quite edits, moving events around. That process takes longer with BIG VSTs because the unfreeze takes time.

The reason it would be very handy to render in place a frozen track is simply about saving lots of time. If I have a frozen Piano track, for example the Garritan CFX, which takes quite a while to load up, I could save some time being able to render the track immediately instead of having to unfreeze first and then render.

I see the argument this doesn’t work because “the track is frozen” and you cannot do anything to it except adding plugins and such. That may be true, but I don’t see the impossibility to render the file since the audio data still exists somewhere. A frozen track is still “audio-data” that should be able to be rendered.



Overall Cubase complicated this freeze thing quite a bit - all is hidden from you.
In Sonar when you freeze an instrument - you simply get audio on all outs from that instrument - and that can be part of final mix rendering as well.
Adding plugins or whatever is transparent with an instrument running realtime or audio as frozen.
A frozen track is just like any recorded audio.

One valuable thing is you get audio as visual guide, not having to look at midi - everything is visual to you.
Cubase hide freeze in project pool.

So at least allow that to just be part of final mix rendering as it is.

Well, being a cubase question I don’t see how Sonar is any helpful at all. There are several ways to freeze in cubase and I have not problem with the feature. It does what is needs to do well. I was asking for an extra feature - being able to render a frozen track.

Samuel. Cubase 9 allows rendering IN PLACE of either a frozen or unfrozen Virtual/midi instrument. It automatically mutes the actual Virtual instrument track, and allows you to turn off any processes software. It’s THERE, should you want to mute or delete the rendered version, turn it on, unmute and fix anything…then just render IN PLACE.
The feature is locate in the"EDIT" drop down menu.

No, it isn’t possible to render frozen track. If you select a single frozen track the render in place function is disabled. If you select a mix of unfrozen and frozen tracks, the frozen tracks are ignored in the render.

Please enable this Steinberg! Lost of producers work in midi, before finalizing the arrangement and rendering to audio for mixing. Freezing is useful to release CPU as instruments are added to the arrangement. If you need to go back and edit it’s easy to unfreeze/refreeze.

The last thing I want to have to do to before rendering to audio is click unfreeze on every single track on my arrangement. Exporting to audio is of course another option, but then you have to print the mixer settings (routing, automation, sends etc). I want to preserve the arrangement mix on the rendered audio tracks - which is exactly what render in place offers.

+1 !

The freeze files aren’t hidden very well though. :wink: They’re available in the Project Folder in the folder “Freeze”

Thus, they’re available in the right zone or windowed Mediabay.

Or, you can simply drag them from the folder when you need to.
2018-04-21 13_20_38-Cubase Pro Project - ffreeze.png